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  5. "The new men know that woman."

"The new men know that woman."

Translation:Nowi mężczyźni znają tamtą kobietę.

December 11, 2015



Im having trouble with the accents. Dpes anyone have any tips to help me with them? Or is it just a case of getting used to them over time?


What kind of trouble exactly?


I'm Okay reading and pronouncing them but when it comes to spelling the words (like mezczyzni that has 3 accents in it) I'm always getting them wrong. We have nothing like that in English and there's so many different ones in polish! I know that spelling is low on the priorities list right now but I'd like to keep my streak going :p In speech I know mezcyzna, mezczyzni plus the other variations all sound quite similar so if I were to use the wrong tense at least the basic word is correct and it's understandable


Well... yes, I guess you will get used to them over time ;)


I had a feeling there was no shortcut :p Thanks for replying though, hopefully it'll sink in eventually


My recommendation is to keep writing them out (or typing, using http://polish.typeit.org/ or similar). When we had the timed exercises, my time would run out by the time I had typed the word (!). Keep practising and you'll get there!


Why is not it kobietą?


"kobietą" is Instrumental, it's used mostly after the preposition "z" ("with") and in sentences like "She is a woman".

"kobietę" is Accusative, it's used for the direct object of the sentence.


I used „ta” instead of „tamtą”. I thought that the „ten” words meant „this” and „that”. Am I correct?


It goes like this in general: [ten/ten/tamten] (and its forms) = [this/that/that].

So this exercise accepts the literal translation "tamtą", as well as "tę" (this is the only exception when those forms have a difference other than adding "tam-").

"ta" is simply the wrong case, you need Accusative.


From what I know, you use either tamtą or tamtę for the singular feminin accusative form. Is there a rule when to use what?


"tamtę" is not a word, it's always "tamtą".


When can I use tamtę and when tamtego ?


"tamtę" is not a word, even though "tę" is so it's understandable that you'd expect "tamtę".

"tamtą" is what is used here, it's a feminine Accusative form. "tamtego" is masculine Accusative for animate nouns.


It is marking that "mężczyżni" is incorrect with the accents, but I don't see where it is wrong. Can someone please explain what I am getting wrong. Thank you.


The correct spelling is mężczyźni (that is the 'sloping accent' not the little dot!). It's sometimes difficult to see the answer on the 'exercise page' but it shows up more clearly if you click on 'comments'. Hope that helps.


Thank you for your reply. I see the difference. My cell phone keyboard only gives the option for the little dot, so I will not be able to type it correctly. I'll try to remember it for any occasion outside of duolingo. Thank you again - your answer was very helpful.

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