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How to pronounce cz, ć, ci.

Kocię chęć na ćwikłę czuje. Kocia mama miauczy czule: miłe kocię, porzuć chęci. Nie je ćwikły ród kocięci. Jeśli ćwikłę tkną kocięta, jęczą potem niebożęta.

And how the Ivona voices would speak it: Maja , Ewa , Jacek , Jan .
Attention: it is not a hyper-correct pronunciation, as we would speak a poem. The sounds of ę are pronounced as in regular talks.

(I swear, I do not know whether I remembered or transformed one of exercises I did in my childhood, or I just made it up myself). Maybe later I would post a translation, or someone else could translate it nicely.

December 11, 2015



The 'cz' sound in Polish is pronounced like a hard 'ch'; whereas, the 'ć' and 'ci' sounds are both pronounced like the Japanese 'chi'.


Nice. I see that you are the same level as me in Polish, since I am 100% Polish, I've had a head start. They set up the course well.


Thank you! These are some of the sounds that have been driving me mad. :-)

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