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  5. "On jest człowiekiem."

"On jest człowiekiem."

Translation:He is a human.

December 11, 2015



I am going to have to get back on my laptop , doing this on my phone is hopeless, without tips and notes i am not learning much i have to rely on these discussions to find anything. I like to grab 10 minutes where i can though. If DL can find a way to get the notez onto phones it would really be helpful


You can access the website form the mobile device. Also Tips and notes are now available just till the first checkpoint. And unfortunately it's not going to change soon.


Can't it also be he is human?


I don't think so. Człowiekiem is the instrumental form of człowiek, which is a noun (a human). The sentence that would translate to "he is human" would use "człowieczy" which is the adjective for "human".

I'm not sure but I think it would be "On jest człowieczym"


I wrote the same thing (he is human) and it is accepted. "He is a human being" sounds better than "he is a human". imo.


Agreed. I think we can say he is human or he is a human being.
"He is a human" sounds like the false grammar put into the mouth of an alien or a robot to demonstrate how they don't understand humanity properly.


Is "person not acceptable instead of human?


Someone please help me with pronouncing this


Assuming you're fluent in English, the pronunciation would roughly be : "On yest tchwovyehkiem" (pronounce it as if they were English words, so "on y-est tch-wo-vieh-kiem"). The ch is the same sound as in "chip" in English. The "vieh" part is like the "Vie" in "Vietnam".

Phonetically, the exact /ɔn̪ jɛst t͡ʂwɔˈvʲɛ.kʲɛm/, or for a slightly incorrect but simpler version, /ɔn jɛst t͡ʂwɔˈviɛkiɛm/


When does one use instrumental case then?? It is not so clear to me... thanks!

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Exactly as it is described in the "Tips Notes" in Defining - it is a construction type:

  • Noun / Pronoun (nom. case) is (a, a type of) Other Noun (instr. case)


  • On (nom. case) jest chłopcem (instr. case) - He is a boy

  • Ona (nom. case) jest kobietą (instr. case) - She is a woman

  • Pies (nom. case) jest zwierzęciem (instr. case) - Dog is an animal

There are also similar constructions of the same type in other tenses:

  • Ten chłopiec (nom. case x2) chce być policjantem (instr. case) - This boy wants to became a policeman

  • Te kobiety (nom. case x2) zostaną pielęgniarkami (instr. case) - These women will become nurses

  • Ten pies (nom. case x2) będzie psem przewodnikiem (instr. case x2) - This dog will be a guide dog

  • Ci panowie (nom. case x2) byli żołnierzami (instr. case) - These men were soldiers


"person" had been accepted as a translation for "człowiek," but this time it was not; rather, "human" was the answer. Why not use person?


Because there's a difference whether someone "jest człowiekiem" (is a homo sapiens) or "jest dobrym człowiekiem" (is a good person).

"On jest człowiekiem" is literally about the species, homo sapiens. "He is a person" could be used in science-fiction or fantasy for another sentient species.

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