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Slow Finnish - Chapter 8a - Mitä työtä teet?

Yvonne, Kaisa ja Kaisan perhe juovat kahvia ja syövät korvapuusteja.

Yvonne: Mm... Korvapuustit ovat hyviä.

Pirjo: Kiitos. Leivoin ne itse.

Yvonne: Oletko leipuri?

Pirjo: Ei, en ole leipuri. Olen opettaja.

Yvonne: Ai. Missä olet töissä?

Pirjo: Opetan Iisalmen lukiossa historiaa.

Yvonne: Entä sinä, Oiva? Mitä työtä teet?

Oiva: Olen eläkkeellä, mutta olin sairaanhoitaja.

Jenni: Minä taas työskentelen poliisina. Martilla on oma yritys.

Yvonne: Millainen yritys sinulla on?

Martti: Suunnittelen videopelejä.


  • juoda to drink
  • syödä to eat
  • korvapuusti https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Cinnamon_roll
  • korvapuusteja (partitive plural)
  • hyviä good (partitive plural)
  • leipoa to bake
  • leivoin I baked
  • itse (my)self
  • leipuri baker
  • opettaja teacher
  • olla töissä to work
  • opettaa to teach
  • lukio gymnasium https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Gymnasium_(school)
  • historia history
  • mitä what (partitive)
  • tehdä to do
  • työ work, job
  • työtä (partitive)
  • eläke pension
  • mutta but
  • olin I was
  • sairaanhoitaja nurse
  • taas (here) on the other hand
  • työskennellä work
  • poliisi police (officer)
  • poliisina as a police (essive)
  • oma own
  • yritys company
  • millainen what kind of
  • suunnitella plan, design
  • videopeli video game
  • videopelejä video games (partitive plural)


  • What is korvapuusti?
  • Is Pirjo a baker?
  • Where does Pirjo work?
  • What does Oiva do for a living?
  • Is Jenni a nurse?
  • What kind of company does Martti have?

Let me know what you thought about the lesson. Should you have any questions or suggestions, please comment below. Here is a link to the previous lessons: https://www.duolingo.com/comment/10579104

Have a cup of coffee and a korvapuusti!

December 11, 2015



Woo-hoo, Slow Finnish is back! :)


I am happy to be back. My back is not happy, though. All the school work has given me a devilish back ache. Writing the lesson caused me actual physical pain, so I am happy that someone appreciates my work. :)


Then I appreciate it all the more. :) Thank you and I hope that you're better soon.


I've just read kalevala , can you make some reference of that , in your further posts.


I promise to make some reference to the Kalevala on Kalevalan päivä, 28th February. Before that I will not have many chances of refering to the epic. Perhaps I can include something about the effects of eating puolukka in Chapter 10, when I will introduce Finnish market places. :) In what language did you read the Kalevala?


i've read in english , translation of john martin crawford published in 1888.

just for curiosity , do you speak any sami language?


Sadly, no. The only word of Sami that I know is ođđasat, which means 'the news'.

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