"Hun hadde glemt nøklene hjemme."

Translation:She had forgotten the keys at home.

December 11, 2015



This translation doesn't seem right to me. I would either say " She had forgotten the keys" or "she had left the keys at home"

December 11, 2015


I agree, I would transalte this sentence as 'she had left the keys at home'

September 23, 2017


I don't see any problem with it. "i forgot my keys" "Where?" "At home" "You forgot your keys at home?!"

July 10, 2017


Unusual, and far-fetched: "Mum had lost the keys on the hillside and thought we were stuck. She had forgotten the keys at home. It was a duplicate set. I went back for them". Possible.

March 16, 2018
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