"Kanapka to chleb, ser i mięso."

Translation:A sandwich is bread, cheese and meat.

December 11, 2015

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For all those times when your explaining to someone in polish what a sandwich is!


Is "to"similar to это in Russian? The same sentence: Бутерброд - это хлеб, сыр и мясо


My vegan boyfriend started loudly shouting at my phone in Polish when this came up


Can you use instrumental when there are more than one words to define with, like here? Chlebem, serem i mięsem?


I think it would be very weird, although this sentence is already weird.

We could say that this sentence means "a sandwich = bread+cheese+meat". It's a bit clumsy and it only describes one type of sandwiches, but let's say it's okay.

With Instrumental, it would be as if we said that a sandwich is a type of "bread+cheese+meat". It just doesn't work.

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