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December 11, 2015

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Polish looks a very interesting language. I just love the way words are spelled in this language. I believe that I will enjoy learning Polish with duolingo.


How is "ch" pronounced? It sounds like "hwo." If it isn't there already, this course should add a pronunciation guide for certain letter combinations that English speakers would not be familiar with.


Short answer: It's a form of the "h" sound. It's like the "ch" in the English loanword "chutzpah," or the Scots "loch" (as long as you don't overdo it and say "lock").

Long answer: English produces the "h" sound either with a constriction of airflow between the tongue and the palette near the front of the mouth (in the case of the sound in "huge") or with no particular airflow restriction in the mouth (in the case of "hat.")

Polish isn't either of those. Instead, move the constriction of airflow to the back of the mouth.

Oh, and the "w" sound you mention comes from the letter "ł," which is quite different from the letter "l." So, yeah, more or less what English would render as "hwope-yets."


What is 'ten'?


"Ten" means "this" (masculine singular).


To elaborate a bit: Since Polish does not have articles, "a boy" and "the boy" are both just "boy." However, in cases where you need to be clear about a specific boy (where English might use "the"), you use a more specific determiner to indicate which boy. So "this boy" is a near equivalent for "the boy" as well.


Nie ma to jak znać polski i robić ten kurs xD


It should be "this boy" for ten chłopiec not "the boy"


Does "ł" always sound like w? Złoty would be "zwoti" for example?


While that's correct with respect to the letter "ł," just to be clear we might represent the sound of "złoty" as "zwotih." (Note to Polish readers, that's an English silent 'h').

English pronounces the Polish currency like "zlot-ee," but not only is 'ł' not the same letter as 'l,' but the Polish 'y' sounds like an English short 'i.'


what is the plural of -chlopiec-


How are chlopcem and chlopiec both right for a boy. (Hope i have spelt both right)


Polish has cases (something like I me my), we have 7 so there are in theory 7 forms of every word and another 7 for plural. (there are always some that look the same).

take a look at the table

chłopcem is instrumental case. Right now you use it in the I am a boy/he is a boy sentences . It is a case that follows "być"=jestem, jesteś, jest... more on that here, short info here


'Ten' doesn't translate as 'the', it translates as 'this'. 'The boy' would just translate as 'chłopiec'.


Well, "ten" is kinda an 'interpretation' of "the", because often "the boy" in fact means something close to "this boy".

But you're right, it sure shouldn't be a starred answer. Deleted now.

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