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  5. "Ryba to zwierzę."

"Ryba to zwierzę."

Translation:A fish is an animal.

December 11, 2015



What is the difference between "Ryba jest zwierzę" and "Ryba to zwierzę"?


If you choose the option "jest", you have to decline the word "zwierzę", so it would be: Ryba jest zwierzęciem (instrumental case). If you choose the option "to", you have to use nominative. Consequently, the sentence "Ryba jest zwierzę" is incorrect. You can choose both options.


How do people use these options in common speaking? i.e. which way is more formal? what should I use when I approach random Polish people?


Jest is definitely more formal 'cause it sounds more natural. "Ryba to zwierzę" means something like "Ryba = zwierzę" so it's more concrete but simpler.


And is there any difference in the meaning at all?


No. However, "jest" sounds more elegant, if you know what I mean. :)


Yes, I think I get you ;) Thanks


The word 'to' generally means 'this' and is used for neuter nouns (to dziecko - this child, to zwierzę - this animal, to badanie - this research).

'To' is also used in two grammatical, easy construction, which you experience in the first lessons.

'To jest X...'; X being in nominative case, translated as "It is X" ie. To jest chłopiec - It's a boy; To jest dziewczynka - It's a girl.

'X to Y'; both X and Y being in nominative case, translated as "X is Y".

Hope it helps exploring the mysteries of Polish :D


Interesting that the "to" is not from a verb at all seemingly?


Shouldn't - "fish is an animal" be accepted?


The sentence still needs an article before "fish". Unless you wanted to treat 'fish' as meat... but that seems rather strange here.


Well "Horse is an animal" was accepted here.


Hmmm, true. Must be a mistake, removed now. Thanks for reporting.


Sometimes i see a noun followed by 'to jest', like 'ryba to jest zwierzę'. Is this acceptable?


It's a lot less common, but acceptable. It works here.


If i use "to" in a phrase so it couldn't have a gender at the noun ?? Is it right ?


Sorry, I don't understand what you mean... "to" doesn't have anything to do with gender.


Drat! Pols have no articles; does it really matter if you don't put "an". Its a correct translation


It does, because you have to create a correct English sentence.

It doesn't matter if you just get the word "ryba" to translate, then you can just write "fish" without an article.


I don't quite understand...


Which part? If you get a Polish sentence to translate, you have to translate it as a correct English sentence. "Fish is animal", "The fish is animal" and similar are not correct sentences.

If you translate just one word/phrase, then you can treat it as in the dictionary, so you don't have to write "an animal" nor "the animal", "animal" should be ok.


What is the difference between zwierzę and zwierzęciem? And what point they can be used in a sentence?


"zwierzę" is Nominative, the basic form of the noun. It's mostly used for the subject of the sentence, but also in a sentence like here, "Ryba to zwierzę".

"zwierzęciem" is Instrumental. It's mostly used after the preposition "z" = "with", and it is also a valid alternative translation here: "Ryba jest zwierzęciem".


I wrote fisn is an animal just forgot A why does it have to be a mistake ...

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