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"I saw the increase in quality straight away."

Translation:Я сразу увидела рост качества.

December 11, 2015



increase in quality - улучшение качества, повышение качества. Все остальные варианты - кальки с английского.


It rings okay in my ears, although I am not Russian, but it really doesn't sound like a calque ;-)


Is it okay to use an indicative aspect here,i.e. :

я видела рост качества?

and still keep the same meaning?


Я видела рост качества means that you saw it some time in the past and probably observed it for some period of time. If you saw it once and at some moment it is увидела. In this sentence 'straight away' indicates a single and a very short action, the increase in quality was noticed rather than observed, that's why увидела.


"Я увидел улучшение уволю немедленно" Gosh, I'm laughing

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