"I would not talk about it if I were you."

Translation:Nie mówiłbym o tym na twoim miejscu.

December 11, 2015

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Why aren't translations like "Na twoim miejscu nie mówiłbym o tym." accepted? I'm Polish (doing this course just for fun) and I would say it like I wrote above.


This was such an awkward sentence.


"Nie mówiłbym o tym gdybym był ty", tak czy nie możliwe?


gdybym był *tobą


That's what I wrote, and it was accepted, but I wondered: is it kind of clunky, compared with the preferred answer ('na twoim miejscu')?


Yes, I'd say it is. It's strangely literal. I mean, it's not that surprising (even a person who doesn't know English and doesn't know the phrase "if I were you" probably wouldn't be that surprised), but still, "na twoim miejscu" is the basic way of saying that, definitely.


Does this excercise accept both genders for this sentence?


"O tym nie mówiłabym na twoim miejscu"?


Starting with "O tym"... hmm, sounds probable enough. I'd recommend "O tym by nie mówiła" in such a case, though. But ok, added.


Why "mówiłbym" and not "powiedziałbym"? I would think the point isn't just not talking, it's not talking about it, or telling it, to someone else .


Well, then the English sentence should rather be "I wouldn't say it"/"I wouldn't tell it", I think.

Also I believe that "Nie powiedziałbym" sounds to me like it's kinda too late - you already did say it, so I'm saying that I think it was a mistake.


Oh, I just remembered that powiedzieć is perfective and mówić is imperfective, and when you say not to do something, you normally use imperfective.


That's true for imperatives, but powiedziałbym/mówiłbym are in the conditional mood.

I also think that with powiedzieć the English translation would need the past tense (e.g. 'I wouldn't have said it').


What is the literal translation of "na twoim miejscu". It seems like "in your place/circumstances".


Yes, "in/at your place/location."

Circumstances would be okoliczności, which doesn't fit here.


"Nie mówiłbym o tym jeśli byłbym na twoim miejscu." Ewentualnie "Nie mówiłbym o tym jeśli byłbym tobą" Czy te tłumaczenia są błędne, że są nieuznawane?


"Nie mówiłbym o tym jeśli byłbym na twoim miejscu."

Według mnie, na twoim miejscu już wskazuje na hipotetyczność tej sytuacji, więc tryb przypuszczający jest tu niepotrzebny. Ale ok... dodałem.

Nie mówiłbym o tym jeśli byłbym tobą.

Nie wiem... Odrzuciłem to już kiedyś, bo taka konstrukcja wydaje się zbyt rzadka.
Ale niech już będzie, dodałem.


Nie rozmawiałbym o tym na twoim miejscu


Looks like an oversight, added now.


"Na twoim miejscu o tym nie mówiłbym" was not accepted. Is this too inverted to make sense?


I know that you probably wanted to avoid putting a pronoun at the end... but yes, this is quite weird.

Polish generally has a lot of stuff that 'shouldn't be put at the end of the sentence'... and forms of the -by particle (in "mówiłbym") are one of those. If the second clause was to start with "o tym", then I'd split "mówiłbym" into "bym mówił" and went with "Na twoim miejscu o tym bym nie mówił".

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