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  5. "Mi gastis hieraŭ ĉe amiko."

"Mi gastis hieraŭ ĉe amiko."

Translation:I stayed over at a friend's yesterday.

December 11, 2015



" I stayed overnight yesterday at a friend." is not correct English and should be removed from the correct suggestions list. "I stayed overnight yesterday at a friend's," is correct English and a valid translation but was rejected. I reported it.

[deactivated user]

    Would "lodged" be a good translation here?


    Gasto = a guest (a person eating or sleeping in a friend's home) Mi estis gasto hieraŭ ĉe amiko = I was guest at a friend's yesterday.

    Iu alia respondu pri verbo lodge


    Yes, "lodged" could work, though in English it usually refers to a longer stay than just one night.


    Laŭ Duolingo 'hover hints': "ĉe" = "at the home of"

    However, when I answered with "I stayed yesterday at a friend's home" , Duolingo counted me wrong.

    According to Duolingo, the correct solution: • I stayed yesterday at a friend's house. Should "home" and/or "house" be accepted?


    Both home and house should be accepted. I will take a look at the sentence. If you report these, we do add the translations in the course.


    Thanks Ruth. I received an email from Support earlier this afternoon:

    "You suggested “I stayed yesterday at a friend's home.” as a translation for “Mi gastis hieraŭ ĉe amiko.” We now accept this translation. :)

    Thanks for the contribution, please keep it up!

    • Ned61 from Duolingo"


    I "gasto" is "guest" why wouldn't gastis be "stayed as a guest"


    guest = gasto. Gasto gastas ĉe gastiganto. Gasto estas gastigata de gastiganto.
    host = gastiganto. Gastiganto gastigas gaston.

    I stayed as guest = Mi restadis kiel gasto. Mi gastis. Maybe only during an evening.
    I stayed over = I feel that "over" means "stay over night" (resti tra nokto), so I would translate : Mi tranoktis kiel gasto. Mi tranokte gastis.


    Is it correct if I would say engastiĝi?


    mi gastis = I was a guest.
    mi gastiĝis = I became a guest (there was a kind of action/procedure accepting you as guest).
    mi engastiĝis = I became a guest (entering) in/into the guest house. "I settled in the guest house".

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