"I would give him food, but he already has too much."

Translation:Dałabym mu jedzenie, ale ma już za dużo.

December 11, 2015

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Why is "Dałbym mu jedzenie, ale już ma za dużo." wrong? It sounds natural to me and well... free word order?


Same question, it was marked wrong. Any reason why?


I don't see any, it sounds natural to me as well (although please don't use the "free word order" argument :D It's 'relatively free' at best).

I don't know what the situation was 5 years ago when the previous comment was written, but today that same translation should have worked.


what about "jedzenia"


Well, technically it could work as partitive (a bit of food -> uses Genitive), but maybe it's safer to reject it as there wasn't any "a bit" or "some" in the English sentence and people wouldn't know under what restrictions it is acceptable.


Doesn't work or more precisely it works only in negation when accusative changes to genitive.

Its: dawać + Accusative (what) + Dative (to whom), as you learned German you probably know by now that in this language this example works the same: geben + Dativ (wem? was?) + Akkusativ (wen? was?)


Why" Dałbym mu jedzenie ale ma go już za dużo " incorrect?


Makes sense, added.


Does imperfective dawał(a)bym work here?

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