"To nie są kanapki, to ciasteczka!"

Translation:These are not sandwiches, these are cookies!

December 11, 2015

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who would mistake sandwiches for cookies


The same I wanted to say XD


"ah yes is this a sandwich?„


Earlier on, there was a sentence to be translated into English wherein 'są' was used twice-yet this way round I am penalised for saying 'to są ciasteczka.


While I would recommend not using it here (not sure how to explain it... the second clause is kinda 'correcting' your view that these are sandwiches), it is among the accepted answers, it should have worked.


I did the same thing (used są a second time) and it marked the answer as wrong :-(


Perhaps there was some other mistake? It is an accepted answer.


Totally confused just trying to get through it. No explenation where there is a correction. I just have to believe what i am being thought is correct and hope to get the hang of it


Why does the "other solution" says "those" instead of "these"? What does "to" mean then? Is it like a wildcard for this/that/these/those?

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If to stands on its own as a predicative sentence subject, it can be used regardless of whether it refers to a single object or multiple objects. So that explains this/these.

As for that/those, the Polish equivalent tamto is used very sparingly, mostly to contrast with to. If there is no need to contrast, you can use to regardless of distance.


It's not a cookie. It's a fig newton.


Aw, gee, you did it again...


This answers the age old question of what sandwich cookies, like Oreos, are(?)


I am really struggling with the meaning of "to".

"To" is a demonstrative pronoun for the neutral singular. (At least, that is what duolingo tries to teach in the Defining lessons.) Yet, in this case is use like a plural. The form for the non masculine plural is "te", not "to".

And we also have the conjunctions: "Pies to zwierzę."

Too much "to"s.

I am not enjoying duolingo anymore.


Yes, it seems useful, I will read it for sure. Thank you.

I already read this one: https://forum.duolingo.com/comment/16373167 And it didn't help too much. Too conplex for my level of experience.

I am starting to think that I should not take this too seriously and just focus in vocabulary and simple stuff.

It is a shame

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