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"The good women like the good dinner."

Translation:Dobre kobiety lubią dobry obiad.

December 11, 2015



In previous lessons I remember there was another word for dinner and it said "obiad" means "lunch". This makes me think... is it like Russian обед? Обед can mean both lunch or dinner, and if I am not mistaken it's used when refering to lunch in particular.


The English words lunch-dinner-supper don't exactly map one-to-one to the Polish obiad-kolacja.


Nie rozumiem, what do you mean? Could you give a further explanation? :D


All depends on whether you define obiad as the largest meal, or as the midday meal – and similarly whether dinner is the largest meal, or the evening meal.

If you define by size/importance, then obiad is dinner, kolacja is supper, and lunch has no Polish equivalent.

If you define by time, then obiad is lunch, kolacja is both dinner and supper.

It's a cultural thing, and the definitions are blurry.


So if dinner is the big meal and it's called "obiad", what is lunch called?


Traditionally, obiad is eaten in early afternoon, so there is no meal between śniadanie (breakfast) and obiad. If obiad is later, there can be a small, quick meal near noon, called drugie śniadanie (second breakfast).

It all depends on the day schedule, and it in turn depends on your lifestyle.

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