"Those women are eating cookies."

Translation:Tamte kobiety jedzą ciasteczka.

December 11, 2015

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Can I just say that more courses should teach the word for "cookies" this early? :P Thanks guys! This is one of the most well-constructed courses I've ever done on Duolingo. I like that there's a larger focus on grammar before jumping into several idiomatic phrases.


My best friend is polish and she makes fun of me because I still cannot pronounce cookies correctly. It's a hard word for me


Let's see if I can help!


Just remember that ć/ci is kind of a normal-sounding "ch" sound, but cz is a "ch" sound pronounced with the tongue in the position where it makes the English 'r' sound. It's almost like pronouncing an 'r' and the soft consonant sound at the same time.


In UK cookie is one kind of biscuit! You can't win!


Cookie is a pretty specific type of biscuit in the uk and almost always, we would use biscuit over cookie. But its no problem to learn both.


tamte kobiety jedza herbatniki


"herbatniki" would be what most Polish people would see if we heard the word "biscuits", which is another reason why we chose the more general (at least in US English) "cookies".

So basically "herbatnik" is just one type of cookie/biscuit, seems too specific.


What is in (wrong) answer "winie"? Should they be "świnie" or "wiśnie"?


Your comment does not seem to have anything to do with anything. Or at least with this sentence.

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