"Девочки играют в баскетбол и теннис."

Translation:The girls play basketball and tennis.

December 11, 2015

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Does this mean you say "play in" (играть в) a sport in Russian?

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    Well, more like 'into', because it's used with accusative, but yes. You use «игра́ть в» + Accusative when you play sports or other games, and «играть на» + Prepositional when you play musical instruments.


    And just "играть" + Accusative when you play musical compositions.


    And "в+prepositional" in some cases. Say for instance you are acting in a play.


    I wonder about the pronunciation of the word "теннис", is it irregular? Shouldn't the first syllable "те-" be pronounced softly?

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      Indeed, this is an exception. In foreign loanwords, «е» after consonants is often pronounced as if it's written «э».

      See my answer here for more examples: https://www.duolingo.com/comment/11578282$comment_id=11579418


      So, where's the second "в" preposition before "теннис"?


      I was wondering if a second в might be more formal, or whether it's always left out...?


      It's prolly because you use И linking the two together. meaning they play in both. (Horrid explanation, I know)


      Out of curiosity, does anybody know if they actually do play basketball and football in Russia?

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        Basketball is definitely played in Russia (and, I believe, most post-USSR countries).

        Football is popular too, but I'm not sure if we mean the same thing by football. If you use the word 'soccer' for something different than 'football', than you can assume your kind of football is not known in Russia. ^^'

        BTW, I found this comment by @littleblueduck in the Ukrainian course funny (and true): https://www.duolingo.com/comment/12687653


        Ukrainian course language has better sound than Russian . : (

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          It's because it was recorded by a real person, because Duolingo staff couldn't find an Ukrainian TSS (they exist, but their quality is questionable).

          However, there are other problems, such as a completely wrong audio being assigned to the sentence. ^^"


          Anyone know why "The girls play both basketball and tennis" is not correct?


          There is a specific construction for this. It would be:

          Девочки играют в и баскетбол и теннис


          Would this be at the same time or just that in general they play basketball and tennis?

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            It can mean either. Maybe «девочки» refers to more than one group of girls, some of which play tennis and some basketball. Maybe «играют» describes their habits and not the activity in this exact moment. Both meanings are possible in Russian.


            Звучит как "тяннис". Sound like a "tyannis", but its "Tennis"


            Why is Девушки wrong here?


            What causes to have many correct answers marked as wrong?


            Why is The girls play both basketball and tennis. Wrong?


            For anyone speaking Spanish, it's like saying "juego AL futbol" instead of "juego futbol".

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