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  5. "Мої батьки багато працюють."

"Мої батьки багато працюють."

Translation:My parents work a lot.

December 11, 2015


[deactivated user]

    Будьте ласкаві, ісправте помилку. Программа зараховує my parents are working a lot як невірну відповідь.


    Interesting, I'd say present simple makes more sense here... You won't say "I am reading a book very often", since it's a regular periodic action that's what present simple is for... But I guess you could find a context, like, "My parents are working a lot recently". Otherwise it sounds strange to me.

    But I'm not a native speaker, would be glad if one provided their opinion :)

    P.S. * виправте


    My parents are working a lot could work.

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