"Ты записываешь это в книге."

Translation:You are writing this in the book.

December 11, 2015

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Actually, you know what I'd like? A button on pronunciation exercises to say "I don't care if I got enough of it right to pass, let me retry it ANYWAY, I think I can do better."


What's the difference between this sentence and "ты пишешь это в книге"?


From my understanding, запишываешь means to take notes, write something down, or record something in writing. Пишешь is to write as in writing a book or an article. Maybe they make this distinction based on some sense of difference in formality or purpose or difficulty involved with what is being written.


записывать - to write down?


you are writing it down into the book

is 'into' possible here?


It is very unlikely to use "into" in this situation.


it... works, but i don't think it's accepted because it's not quite formal, not really "the Queen's English". into is more so for physical movement rather than placement


I, too, wrote "into" and it was rejected. Maybe it's just a word-by-word translation from German and no proper English? Could an English native please tell us?


Into is used more when movement is involved. I put a bookmark INTO the book I am making notes IN the book


Either 'down' should be removed or '-to' should be removed. This is because both words are trying to tell you how it was written using 'IN' as the pivot point


"You write down it in the book" why not?


Your word order is off. It should be "write it down."


It's just customary to say "write it down" rather than "write down it." Same with "write this down," "write that down...."

However, if what's being written is not being described as "it," this," etc. then it may be equally common to use either word order: "write the details down" or "write down the details," "write her name down" or "write down her name."


This verb feels seems like the English equivalent of "jot down" to me.


Could you say в книгу? Because technically, if you write something down, then you're putting the letters into the book, i.e. it is a direction, or am I wrong?

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    I guess there is no moderators anymore. Specially recently.. we ask many questions but no reply. Hope any of you guys can help. How do за-при-вс etc... changes the meaning of the verb


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    Would it be possible to use accusative here? In my mind, writing it down means transfering it from my head into the book, so it is directional. A bit like translating, transfering something into another language, where in Russian we also use accusative.

    Once it is written down and can be found in the book, that's where I'd use the prepositional.


    I also thought it would be accusative.


    Tired of the run around. Give a correct answer and I am told it is wrong. Give the correct answer as given to me and again told it is wrong. Give my original answer and now it is correct. This happens far more than it should.


    Does записывает also mean "to write down"?


    Какая разница между Писать и Записывать? Писатель и Автор?


    "Писать" is "to write". "Записывать" is "to write down", "to make notes".

    "Писатель" - "writer". "Автор" - "author"


    It sounds like knigi to me. Is the final vowel pronounced like it is in the nominative, or is the recording wrong, or is my hearing inadequate/defective?


    It sounds like knige to me :)


    Is this supposed to be narration or giving someone a heads up of what they will be doing?


    is книге in this case dative or prepositional?


    Prepositional. В can take only 2 cases, prep (in) and accus (into).


    And it does seem like this should be книгу (accus), since the words are going into the book. Another person asked that question above, but no answer yet.


    In another sentence, "она пишет статьи в журнал." So it's в + prepositional when you write "in" a book, and в + accusative when you write "for" a magazine?


    What form is книге in? Does it have to do with directness?


    It's prepositional and it's referring to the fact that the book is a location where the writing will be.


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    At least try using the report functionality before you get too fatalistic.


    Is the в silent in these type of phrases? As i understand it the letter в is almost always inaudible.


    It's not silent, Russian doesn't really do silent letters. Sometimes в will sound more like ф though.

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