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  5. "Herbata, nie kawa!"

"Herbata, nie kawa!"

Translation:Tea, not coffee!

December 11, 2015



could the translation of "Herbata, nie kawa" also be: "Tea, NO coffee" or did I miss something?


Tea, not coffee! - I want tea and I do not want coffee!
Tea, no sugar - I want tea with no sugar/without sugar


I believe that "no coffee" would mean something like "without coffee" (We'll take only tea, without any coffee) and be translated as "bez kawy".


Someone's had their order messed up at starbucks a few too many times... Lol


Kawa is in the nominative here, but usually negation involves the genitive. Is this an exception?


What is it? It is (what? - Nominative) tea, not (what? - Nominative) coffee! -
Co to jest? (kto? co? Mianownik) Herbata, nie (kto? co? - Mianownik) kawa!

I have (what? - Accusative) coffee, not (what? - Accusative) tea! -
Mam (kogo? co? - Biernik) kawę, nie (kogo? co? - Biernik) herbatę!

I do not have (what? - Genitive) tea - Nie mam (czego? - Dopełniacz) herbaty
I do not have (what? - Genitive) coffee - Nie mam (czego? - Dopełniacz) kawy


Whats the difference between herbata and herbatę ? I have the same question about kawa and kawę


Nouns ending in -a change their ending to -ę when they are the object in a sentence, or after certain prepositions. It's called the accusative case.

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