"Ona jest człowiekiem."

Translation:She is a human.

December 11, 2015

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So if i understood this correctly,you would use Instrumental for declaring something like species/race,nationallity and stuff like that? -Jestem Polakiem? You would use instrumental and not nominative? -John jest moim bratem? Wouldn't that mean John is with my brother?


John jest moim bratem - John is my brother

John jest z moim bratem - John is with my brother

You always use instrumental after "jest", "jestem", "jesteście", "jesteśmy", "jesteś" (+ adjective) + noun. (But not "jesteś w", "jesteś na" etc.)

If you want to say "You are pretty", you say "Jesteś ładny/a" 'cause it's verb + adjective. It's a nominative.

BUT "You are a pretty girl" is "Jesteś ładną dziewczyn(k)ą". Verb + adjective + noun. It's an instrumental case.



That explanation though. For a boy it would be Jesteś ładnym chłopcem?


In reference to a boy, the adjective "przystojny" is used:

Jesteś przystojnym chłopcem/chłopakiem/mężczyzną -
You are (such) a handsome boy/boyfriend/(young) man



Don't mind this post. I need it to find this thread later.


Shouldn't it be ona jest człowką or something? Człowiekiem is masculine, isn't it?


Because "człowiek" is a noun, it has its own grammatical gender, which is masculine. As it is not an adjectives, we don't make it agree with the subject ona. It remains masculine, and we just need to put it into the instrumental case.


człowiek/istota ludzka - human/human being (singular)
ludzie/istoty ludzkie - humans/human beings (plural)

On, mężczyzna/Ona, kobieta/Ono, dziecko jest człowiekiem/istotą ludzką
Oni, mężczyźni/One, kobiety/One, dzieci są ludźmi/są istotami ludzkimi


She is a hu'man'... It's little bit strange to me (I'm not sure about English problem though). Can "She is a person" be the same meaning?


No... A person/an individual - "osoba"/"osobnik" might relate to an abstract character, not to the human/human being as a member of the human species


I would rather treat it as something you would say watching Star Wars. I wouldn't say that "She is a person" equals "Ona jest człowiekiem".


In the same lesson, "a person is eating meat" is accepted for "człowiek je mięso". In that context, człowiek is just a generic version of mężczyzna, kobieta, or dziecko.

With "ona jest człowiekiem", we might be making an assertion about the dignities and rights members of society accord each other. True, to a large extent "person" in English works too, e.g. "Don't make her crawl on the ground. She is a person!" But "She is a human being" would give even greater emphasis in this respect.


Im not quite get ng the pronunciation for czlowiekiem or even chlopcem. Can anyone help? Sorry, i do not have the Polish characters on my keyboard. Thanks.


I'm sorry to say this language needs fixing as it is unnecessarily complex.


Why do you bother with it, then?


How do you say "Leave Britney alone! She's a human. "? Dajcie Britnie spokój! Ona jest człowiekiem! - is that right?


Leave Britney alone! She is just a human! - Daj/
Dajcie Britney spokój! Po prostu jest człowiekiem!


is she not a person as well????


We accept "person" in most sentences, like let's say "She is a nice person", but not in such a sentence that is more about the biological species.

Basically, any sentient aliens or other races in fantasy would be considered "persons" as well but not human.


Why is "She is a person" not acceptable?


It has been discussed here already:

We accept "person" in most sentences, like let's say "She is a nice person", but not in such a sentence that is more about the biological species.

Basically, any sentient aliens or other races in fantasy would be considered "persons" as well but not human.


should accept she is a person


For a second I thought it said "She's czechslovak" because człowiek sounded like cz(ech)lovak to me oops

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