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Translation:The food

December 11, 2015



Hi. I'm no way expert in Polish (that's why I'm learning:), but couldn't also this be translated to "meal"?


Not really. 'Food' and a 'meal' are different ideas, aren't they? The same distinction holds in Polish between 'jedzenie' and 'posiłek'.

That said, you might sometimes translate 'jedzenie' to 'meal' if that made sense in the context. But this is a sentence language learning course, there's no real context to the things we're translatin, and the point is to learn the basic meaning of the work.


I believe Duo accepts this translation here and there:

food/ meal/ dish - żywność/ jedzenie/ danie/ posiłek

This translation is definitely accepted in Spanish course:
la comida - food/ meal


Wow, I was about to translate this as "you don't eat" >.<


I typed eating & it said i was correct. any idea why?


You're right because in Polish "Jedzenie" is also an acction it corresponds to "eating" in English. E.g Jedzenie przed snem nie jest dobre. - Eating before going to bed is not good.


"Jedzenie" or "Danie"? And what are the genders? I say "Moje ulubione danie to spaghetti" would not be the same with a different gender. Help me please!


"Jedzenie" = food as a general idea, and also the gerund "eating".

"Danie" means a course/dish (zupa i drugie danie = soup and the second course)

"Posiłek" means a meal: Śniadanie to najważniejszy posiłek dnia - Breakfast is the most important meal of a day.

Both jedzenie and danie are neuter, so your sentence is perfectly correct. Posiłek is masculine.


Even though the basic concepts of food and meal are different, the word
food has a variety of meanings and applications, including the term naming the content of the plate, which is called in Polish "danie", "potrawa", "posiłek".

What is your favorite food?- Jaka jest twoja ulubiona potrawa/danie?
What are your favorite foods? - Jakie są twoje ulubione potrawy/dania?

The food is served! - Jedzenie na stole!/ Podany posiłek (obiad, kolacja)!

food - jedzenie, żywność, pokarm, artykuły spożywcze, potrawy, dania, posiłki


why "a food" is wrong and "the food" is right? Who knows?


'A food' is not English. 'Food' is uncountable and can't take 'a' or be pluralized.


Sorry. Previous slide: A meal -> jedzenie OK This slide: Jedzenie (A meal - error) -> The food



Some of the exercises are shared between this course and the reverse EN<-PL course, so whenever the other team makes changes, this course could be affected as well. And it's impossible to keep track of every decision made by the other team.

In this case we came to an agreement and I just removed 'jedzenie' as an translation for 'meal'. It should not have been accepted in this course.

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