"Pijesz herbatę?"

Translation:Do you drink tea?

December 11, 2015

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I can't hear the difference between "herbata" and "herbatę"...

Could anyone help with pronunciation?


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The audio is indeed a bit confusing. 'Ę' at the end of the word is pronouced more like 'e' (like in 'set').


There is a cool website, forvo.com, where you can listen to people pronouncing words in different languages.

I have found both there: herbata and herbatę. It's indeed much more clear there than here!


Wait, actually, Duo & Google translate pronounce it like ɛ and the one dude on forvo.com more like some "eu"... So I don't know whom to trust, will ask Polish friends this Friday :D

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The way that the man on forvo says is a bit exaggerated. The vowel is differently spelled, depending on some conditions: in the middle of the word it is fully pronounced ('język' - http://pl.forvo.com/word/j%C4%99zyk/#pl here sounds best to me in the second example), or becomes more something like [em] sound (głęboki - http://pl.forvo.com/search/g%C5%82%C4%99boki/pl/ sounds almost like [głemboki]).

In the end of the sentence it is almost reduced to short [e] - on forvo, unfortunately, people have tendencies to be hypercorrect, and pronounce [ę]. But when You listen to Polish everyday speech, for example on Youtube, You will see what I am talking about: https://youtu.be/2nG-kTU1xkk?t=8s

"Ja wam pomogę" ('I will help you') - and pomogę is spelled with a sound close to [e]


No way, I hear tha same herbata


could that be translated as, are you drinking tea?


So herbatę here is a noun, feminin, si gular, accusative form. Is that right ?


How do I express the difference between do you drink tea? and Are you drinking tea? in polish? thanks


You usually don't, although for some verbs, including "to drink", there is a 'habitual' variant of the verb which works only for Present Simple. It's "pijać", so here it would be "Pijasz herbatę?".

Other than that, there are just some additional words like "often", "now", etc.


How do you say, "Will you drink tea?"

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