"Я ніде не можу знайти його."

Translation:I can't find him anywhere.

December 11, 2015

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What's the different between 'ніде' and 'нікуди'? Both mean anywhere. How to distinguish them?

Ви нікуди не їдете. Can I use: Ви ніде не їдете? Can anyone explain it?


Ніде means nowhere when referring just to a static location (think of it as answering the question "Where at?").

Я ніде не живу. - I don't live anywhere.

On the other hand, нікуди means nowhere when movement is involved (think of it as answering the question "Where to?")

Я нікуди не йду. - I'm not going anywhere.

So even though they have the same translation in English, they're not interchangeable in Ukrainian. You have to think about whether you're talking about location (ніде) or movement/destination (нікуди) when choosing between the two. The same goes for де and куди, and other forms (десь, де-небудь, кудись, коли-небудь).

*One more thing, when talking about placing/putting/setting/laying something somewhere, you use the movement forms.

Я нічого нікуди не клав - I didn't put anything anywhere.


"Куде-небудь" instead of "коли-небудь" i think



Де? (where? wo? ¿donde?) --> ніде. --> static Куди? (where to? wohin? ¿a donde?) --> нікуди --> dynamic

Example: Я іду (де?) по вулиці (куди?) в кіно.


Has anyone used "нігде" instead of "ніде"? That's how we've been speaking here (Canada) for over a century...just curious.


Probably regional, for sure doesn't belong to "textbook Ukrainian".

[deactivated user]

    That reminds me of Russian нигде


    "I am not able to find him anywhere" is not acceptable. Curious about why not.


    What is the correct pronunciation of ніде here: нІде or нідЕ?


    why not "I'm not able to find him anwhere." moshe same as can or able

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