New great resource for german speakers learning dutch!

Dear fellow german speakers who are learning dutch,

I have found a great new book that was only published two months ago (and a second one will be published soon). It is called 'Dood in de grachten' and only costs about 9€. It consists mainly of three short murder mystery stories. There are complementary short excersies, vocabulary lists on each page and some bits and pieces of information on dutch history and culture. The book is made for people with dutch language skills on a A2 level. You can read and work through the first 30 pages online which covers almost the first story, only 2 pages are missing here. Check it out, you can also order the book here: (click 'Klick hinein' and then 'Leseprobe' to read the first 30 pages for free. A similar book for beginners on A1 level is currently in preparation and will be published soon. While the texts are probably also interesting for people who do not speak german, the explanations and vocabulary lists are in dutch - german only, so you might have to look up the vocabs online or somewhere else if you don't know german.

I've worked through the first story now and can highly recommend it to everyone! It's a small book, you can take it with you easily and read a few lines in the bus or during lunch break or whenever.

3 years ago


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