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  5. "Mam jabłko."

"Mam jabłko."

Translation:I have an apple.

December 11, 2015



How to transliterate ł ?


Transliteration is representing one writing system using a different one. You can't transliterate from Latin alphabet to Latin alphabet.


It's like a soft w sound like in the English word "will" the 'w' is the same sound.


This letter isn't in the Latin alphabet, so I want to transliterate it to it. For example: œ is oe, ü is ue, æ is ae, etc.

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Precisely speaking, transliteration is conversion not to another alphabet, but to another script. Polish alphabet is within the Latin script, so you can not transliterate it to Latin - the same as you can not transliterate French é, à, è. You may see also here. But, you can transliterate, for example the Greek, Russian or Japanese alphabet to Latin script.

You can, however, represent the sounds by signs or letters giving idea of the sound: this page can be helpful: Polish_alphabet , and also that one: Alfabet.


Ł in this word is little mute.


I am a native speaker of Polish, but moved to the US as a small child. The way I learned to pronounce 'jablko' is 'jabko'. Is this a regional pronunciation?

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No, it is standard. In "jabłko" the letter "ł" is mute and "b" is devoiced and pronounced as "p", see http://sjp.pwn.pl/szukaj/wymowa+jab%C5%82ko

For devoicing in Polish, see: https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Polish_phonology#Voicing_and_devoicing or better here in Polish https://pl.wikipedia.org/wiki/Ubezd%C5%BAwi%C4%99cznienie


Also, ł is pronounced as a "w" so in the word: jabłko, it's pronounced something like yaa-bwuh-ko


I saw in another post that it usually sounds like a W in English but sometimes (like here) it is pronounced like uh. So sorta like jah-buh-koh.


You have to press hard on the l


MamJabłko • ↢ • ↣ • MamMieć ( to have - Verb • From Proto-Slavic Jьměti (stem Jьma-) • ęti ( to take )

Inf ↓ 1st 2nd 3rd 1st 2nd 3rd
ProN → Ja Ty On Ona Ono My Wy Oni One
Mieć Mam Masz Ma Mamy Macie Mają

Jabłko / Jabłka ( Apple/s - Noun Neu ) (dim Jabłuszko ) From Proto-Slavic Ablъko • Diminutive in -kъ of Ablo, from Proto-Balto-Slavic āˀbōl (weak stem āˀbl- Winter's law), from Proto-Indo-European H₂ébōl, H₂ébl̥
Sing → Jabł - ko ko ka kom ko kiem ku ko
Plu → Jabł - ka ka ek kom ka kami kach ka

Num ↓ Nom Gen Dat Acc Ins Loc Voc
Sing → ko ka kom ko kiem ku ko
Plu → ka ek kom ka kami kach ka

( Ja ) Pronoun Dropping


When listening exercises start, why does the slow one starts automatically instead of the normal one.

Is there a way to make the normal one start at the beggining? Dzieki :^)


I typed I have an apple and it said wrong! Why


It's definitely a correct answer, it should have worked.

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