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"The mass of this car is two thousand kilograms."

Translation:Masa tego samochodu to dwa tysiące kilogramów.

December 12, 2015


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2015/12/12 "Masa tego samochodu wynosi dwa tysiące kilogramów." not accepted, reported.


This is probably the fourth example in this test (that I am taking for fun only, because I was born and lived in Poland for 30 years) that uses "masa" and "the mass". Who talks like that? It sounds ridiculous both in English and in Polish.


That could be an exercise from a physics textbook.


Yes, it could be, however this is rather a basic placement test, so let's just assume it isn't. There are other discussions about the use of masa/the mass (in regards to other questions in this test using the words) with several people expressing similar opinions to mine - maybe Duolingo should have a look at that? Also, as a sidenote, I am glad I took the test because it made me realise that probably not all courses on this website are great - Polish doesn't seem great (based on the test) unless you find it essential to be able to express how much something weighs - sorry, got it all wrong - to express the mass of an object...


I'm not entirely sure how the algorithm picks sentences for the placement test, but I strongly suspect that it's done pretty much at random. Having taken the test you just got a tiny glimpse of how the course is like, so I wouldn't be so quick to judge if I were you.

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