"Kochamy zwierzęta!"

Translation:We love animals!

December 12, 2015



I am having such difficulties with the cases. Here, "animals" is the direct object. However, it appears in its' nominative form. I was expecting it to be in another case/form. While I do not know which case I would have expected/guessed, I am still so surprised that it is nominative. yeesh!!!

June 12, 2016


It is in accusative. It is just that animal=zwierzę is neuter , and neuter words have accusative=nominative in both singular and plural.

Kochamy dziewczynkę (nom dziewczunka=girl) Kochamy dziewczynki (nom dziewczynki=girls)

kochamy dziecko (nom dziecko=child) kochamy dzieci (nom dzieci=children)

masculine personal
kochamy chłopca (nom chłopiec = boy) kochamy chłopców (nom chłopcy=boys)

masculine not personal animated
kochamy psa (nom pies=dog) kochamy psy(nom psy=dogs)

masculine not animated
kochamy stół (nom. stół=table) kochamy stoły (nom stoły=tables)

June 12, 2016


Very helpful. Thank you. Do neuter nouns' endings change in other cases or is it a rule of thumb that neuter nouns stay the same in any case? I hope the latter ... it would be SO much easier!!!

June 13, 2016


unfortunately not. there are some rare exceptions that never change, but as a rule all nouns change, but they never have all 14 different forms. accusative is a very specific case where only feminine singular has it's own form, while other have either accusative=genitive or accusative=nominative.

June 14, 2016


Should a vowel be pronounced between the z and the w in this word?

December 12, 2015

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December 12, 2015


You will quickly learn that polish likes to string lots of consonants together. They can be difficult for most Americans to pronounce at first.

January 20, 2016


I have no problem pronouncing it, but I was confused by the recording, which sounds to me as if it is putting a vowel there.

January 21, 2016


I Don't really hear any additional vowel in the first syllable, maybe they have different audio records

April 14, 2019


Polish vegan sidekick translation incoming

January 9, 2016
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