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"На этой стороне реки нет домов."

Translation:There are no houses on this side of the river.

December 12, 2015



This is a constant and consistent issue when translating to English on Duolingo. Below is what I typed:

"On this side of the river are no houses."

It was marked wrong because I didn't say "there are no houses". Both ways are correct and make sense. It's just annoying more than anything else, but mainly because this happens all the time.


I always struggle with translating this kind of sentence too, but I can kind of see how "on this side of the river are no houses" makes for one weird English sentence. I can see it's frustrating because it's clear that you do understand what the sentence means.


I put the same and even put the 'there' but it was marked wrong. I guess it's not added as an option yet, so report it.


Omitting the "there" sounds very weird to me. Im not native english speaker though


I put "there are no homes on this side of the river" and it counted it wrong.


I think you were supposed to type it in Russian?


Is "homes" a potential translation of "домов" in this instance?


Why is this river side not accepted ?


"this river side" doesn't work here. "river side" can be used in general for an area on the side of a river but not for referring to a specific side of a river.

[deactivated user]

    The robot does not pronounce River correctly in the slow mode; it should sound like ríka, not réka.

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