"Pająk i mysz."

Translation:A spider and a mouse.

December 12, 2015

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And depending on whether or not we're in Australia, the spider will make quick work of the mouse.


Well dont use the and symbol &, it won't recognize it ☹️


Is the /P/ often missing from the start of words? I'm hearing this from some of the audio samples.

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It's not missing, at least not in this recording.

Are you a native English speaker? There are two things different here:

  • English aspirates word-initial P, T and K (adds a small H sound after them), and Polish doesn't. You expect that H and it's not there, so you think something is misssing.

  • some dialects of English usually pronounce P with more strength than B (fortis vs lenis), while in Polish those sounds don't differ in strength. A weaker Polish P may appear to you as too weak.


Oh so the p isn't aspirated? Good to know! All right, I'll have a good listen out for these. ^^


Wasn't this a Stereophonic song? I think they were lovers


Literally sounded like i yonk i mesh


Initial plosives like /p/ are unaspirated in Polish and are therefore hard to hear for some English speakers in the beginning.

Distinguishing e and y is should also be easier after a while.

But the recordings are correct.


The "i" between the words sounded like "je" to me as in, "The spider is eating the mouse." Whoops!


So is there always an "n" sound between ą and k?


I am not the best person to explain phonetics, but I guess we could say that "ą" sounds a bit like "om" or "on".

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