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  5. "Pająk i mysz."

"Pająk i mysz."

Translation:A spider and a mouse.

December 12, 2015



Is the /P/ often missing from the start of words? I'm hearing this from some of the audio samples.


It's not missing, at least not in this recording.

Are you a native English speaker? There are two things different here:

  • English aspirates word-initial P, T and K (adds a small H sound after them), and Polish doesn't. You expect that H and it's not there, so you think something is misssing.

  • some dialects of English usually pronounce P with more strength than B (fortis vs lenis), while in Polish those sounds don't differ in strength. A weaker Polish P may appear to you as too weak.


Oh so the p isn't aspirated? Good to know! All right, I'll have a good listen out for these. ^^


Why does Duolingo let you type spider and mouse instead of A Spider and A mouse? It allows me to type spider and mouse like it's a twisted version of cat and mouse. O_o


Well dont use the and symbol &, it won't recognize it ☹️

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