"Nie, piję wodę."

Translation:No, I am drinking water.

December 12, 2015

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My response to someone asking me to drink soda :)


Oh, a possible response you might get if you ask someone if what they're drinking is vodka ^_^


I was thinking so too! Czy pijesz wódkę?


How can we tell if it is "Nie, Piję wodę" or "Nie, Pije wodę?"


In speech? Well, some people nasalize the final e more clearly, but it is quite likely that only context will make it possible to distinguish them.


This answer implies that a question was asked beforehand. It is a response to a question; otherwise, the "No" is superfluous. Without a question beforehand, only a declarative sentence is appropriate: "I am drinking water."


It is definitely an answer to a previous question in Polish. It is correct to place an answer to a question and explanation in one sentence if divided by comma.
There should be two separate sentences to convey the same sense in English.

Napijesz się kawy? Nie, (dziękuję, bo) piję wodę -
Would you like some coffee? No (thank you). I'm drinking water.

Yes, I am drinking water (correct sentence) - Tak, piję wodę
No, I am drinking water (incorrect sentence) - zdanie nie ma sensu
No, I am not drinking water (correct sentence) - Nie, nie piję wody


I typed "No, I'm drinking water"...not accepted. No way to report/suggest this as a correct possible answer


How to say in Polish? I don't drink water.


Isn't it strange to say no, after saying an affirmative sentence? It didn't make sense to me!


Rather before. Anyway, it's like: "Are you drinking beer? No, I am drinking water".


What if you want to say "No, I'll drink water." Because I typed that thinking "No, I drink water." is a weird sentence on its own. But got marked wrong.


Well, this is the beginning of the course, there is very little vocabulary and grammar introduced so far - many sentences will not feel that natural. This looks like an answer to a question like "Do you drink beer?" - although I guess it would feel better in Present Continuous. I changed it so that will be the default version.

As for "I will drink", that would be "wypiję", but it implies drinking (totally) something specific, like a glass of water. "Będę pić wodę" (I will be drinking water) feels more natural.


No (period). I will drink water - Nie, napiję się wody/będę pić/pił/piła wodę


How would you say in Polish Don't drink water


Imperative? Imperatives have their own forms, of course.

"Nie pij wody!" (2nd person singular)

"Nie pijcie wody!" (2nd person plural)


Is the "pi" supposed to be silent when the speaker says the sentence?


Polish "p" sound is not as forceful as the English one, so it is often
perceived as English "b" sound or even... silent, when in fact it is not.


I can hear every single letter, can't you?


To add to all the incredibly complex comments how do you say 'I am not drinking water'? I thought it would be the same without the comma?


The case also changes to genitive: Nie piję wody.


"Tak, piję wodę" or "Nie piję wody"


You are ignoring the comma here. The meaning changes: Nie, (ja) piję wodę (a nie coś innego).


the tts not pausing on the , is really confusing


I think it does, but maybe not for enough time... Currently we're unable to fix such things as pauses, I'm afraid.

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