"I am."


December 12, 2015

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Can the pronoun be omitted ?


There is no correct answer. I was asked this twice and the first time i clicked "ja jestem" and it said it was wrong and "jestem" was correct. Then it came up again so i hit "jestem" and it said i was still wrong and "ja jestem" was correct...


You have to click both


Is this the same as something say "On jest"? Where the "On" isn't actually needed unless speaking formally? What I mean is, do you use "Jestem" when speaking informally and "Je jestem" when speaking formally?



Well, frankly "I am" and "He is" don't mean much on their own. Generally pronouns are redundant, although it's hard to discuss them on such a short example.

"Jestem" is the answer "Present" when the teacher is checking the attendance. To say "ja jestem' would be totally weird in such a situation.


Dlaczego jak ją daje ją jestem wyskakuje mi że jest źle


"Ją jestem?" Nie "ja jestem?" "Ją" z ogonek jest źle.


I am so proud I can understand parts of this sentence


Dlaczego "Ja jestem" i "jestem" nie działają?


Actually this sentence is not in the database anymore, so that's a bug that you even encountered it... unfortunately such bugs happen definitely too often...


Why the answer here is Ja jestem? Not just ja or jestem? I don't get it... ;-;


Well, first of all, this sentence is not even in the database anymore, it's a ghost sentence that keeps on scaring people after its death ;)

Secondly, it must have been deleted because it just means so little. On its own, it's hard to call it a sentence. It's just conjugating the verb "to be". Theoretically you could defend "Jestem" as an answer because pronouns are redundant, but if the 'sentence' was only "I am", then I guess the pronoun should stay. As I wrote above:

"Jestem" is the answer "Present" when the teacher is checking the attendance. To say "ja jestem' would be totally weird in such a situation.

Not sure if 'totally', but let's go with just 'weird'.


You say it's not in the database anymore, but I just encountered it... has it been re-added, or is this a bug?

(And in English, at least, "I am" is a perfectly reasonable sentence, though one that would generally be said in response to something else. I can think of a lot of contexts other than calling attendance when it would naturally be used. "Who's in the kitchen?" "I am." / "Are you serious?" "I am." / "Which of you is Dr. Whozis?" "I am." / "I'm not hungry." "I am!" Don't know if these examples would work the same way in Polish, though.)


I'm not exactly sure how it works. Now I see that there is a copy somewhere...

Anyway, it seems that both "Ja jestem" and "Jestem" work here. As for your question, I'd answer those differently, depending on the context:

Who's in the kitchen? - Ja.

Are you serious? - Tak. (As generally we'd translate the question as "Are you talking seriously?", unless you mean exactly "Are you a serious person")

"Which of you is Dr Whozis?" - Ja, maybe "Ja jestem Doktor Whozis"

"I'm not hungry" - Ale ja tak/ Ale ja jestem / JA jestem

Well, it's a very general thing, a lot of things come into the picture here :)


Excellent comment! In every language there are sentences thatmake sense only if put into context.


I keep mixing up jest and jestem how do i avoid this


The forms of "to be" are longer than the forms of "to eat". They really are quite different, you will see it very soon.


Magdalena Tul - Polska Eurovision 2011 ^^


what if i say "ja jest" what would that mean


The same as "I is" in English.

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