"Bye bye!"

Translation:Pa pa!

December 12, 2015



Why isn't "do widzenia" accepted?

December 12, 2015

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Do widzenia is more formal, like English Goodbye.

December 12, 2015


im polish and ill tell u what: goodbye is do widzenia and bye bye is pa pa :D

April 11, 2018


This seems a newish colloquial expression. Wasnt used in the 1970s when i last studied Polish, I think.

October 14, 2016


Maybe it gained popularity, it used to be more "childish"

Polish dictionary from 1950s has it

October 14, 2016


I know that "pa pa" is most commonly used, but is there another, maybe older and more beautiful polish word for goodbye occasion? "Pa pa" is too generic and too international, in many languages it's the first way to teach kids that someone is leaving. Also "do vidzenia" is much more meaningful, has some actual context to it, "pa pa" is just empty phonetics...

August 29, 2016


Yes, this is quite childish. "Do widzenia" is the basic "goodbye". "Do zobaczenia" is a bit more colloquial, although means almost the same ("until we see each other").

August 29, 2016


So there are:

  • pa; pa pa
  • do widzenia (Auf wiedersehen, au revoir)
  • żegnać (żegnam, żegnaj, żegnajcie)
  • bywać (bywaj, bywajcie) - it is a shortening of bywajcie zdorowi (stay health)
  • z Bogiem (adieu)
April 11, 2018


And some current polish slang used between friends( usually between boys) Siema- means both 'hi' and 'bye'( the most popular greeting in polish schools) I am actually highschool student Elo- 'hi' and 'bye' Nara- only 'bye'

But the last two can also have negative meaning so be careful

December 28, 2018


As well can be used cześć for english bye bye

May 18, 2017
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