"Wasze ciasteczka są smaczne."

Translation:Your cookies are tasty.

December 12, 2015

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Is this correct thinking? Singular ciasteczko is neuter. The singular noun gender determines the adjective ending, even when describing the plural noun. Therefore smaczne (neuter) is used instead of smaczna (feminine) ciasteczka (plural). Thanks, Jellei.


In "Ciasteczka są smaczne", "smaczne" isn't actually neuter - after all, "ciasteczka" are plural.

We have two plurals, 'masculine personal plural' and 'not masculine-personal plural'.

masculine noun describing a person -> its plural is 'masculine personal'.

masculine noun not describing a person -> its plural is 'not masculine-personal'.

feminine or neuter noun, regardless of what they describe -> their plurals are 'not masculine-personal'.

In the Nominative case, the 'not masculine-personal' forms of adjectives are identical to the neuter singular ones. But if for example the noun here was "ryby" (plural of feminine "ryba", fish), then it's also "smaczne", although a singular "ryba" is smaczna".


Thank you for the explanation.


"Can't keep my haaand out the cookie jar!"

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