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"Мы команда, и вот наша форма."

Translation:We are a team and here is our uniform.

December 12, 2015



Seriously? "here's" is wrong? That must be a core duolingo bug, it has nothing do with Russian language.


Why is "jersey" a wrong translation? It's more or less synonymous for kit, especially without any given context.


A jersey is just the shirt, not the whole uniform.


In British English, Jersey doesn't mean uniform. We don't even really use it at all (except to refer to the island). Where as uniform would be almost universally used, in the context of military uniform, sports team uniform or school uniform. Don't fall into the trap of learning "American"


Sorry, Jlsalisbury, but that's not true. I have never heard "uniform" used on the eastern side of the Atlantic for what a sports team wears (at least not in the most popular sports - perhaps there are some minority-interest sports where it is used). The usual terms, as of now, are "strip" or "kit". Apparently, in the US, it's called a "uniform". When one hears "uniform" on this side of the Atlantic, one thinks of the military, the police, boy scouts, school uniforms, etc., but not teams that play a sport. A search for the term "football jersey" (which is used to refer to the top part of what footballers wear, not the rest) on Google (Feb. 2021) turned up over 8 million links, most of them non-US as far as I can see.


What is wrong with 'we are the team' instead of 'a team'?


What does kit have to do with uniform? A kit is a package of something...what is this?


Apparently, it means "uniform" in some English-speaking parts of the world. Not in America, where "uniform" is used, and nobody would know what "kit" or "strip" meant in regard to clothing. That's not a judgement, just an assessment.


Kit is accepted.


We are a team and this is our uniform?


это наша форма


footballers should wear onesies


I put we are a team and our uniform is here and the answer wasn't accepted (mine wasn't with typing) I don't know why.


Could strip be used rather than kit


A ,uniform"" is worn by a member of an organization, primarily an army/armed forces/a nurse/a police officer. A sports team plays in its "playing kit" or ,"sports kit". No one would refer to a footballer's/sportsman's uniform , except maybe in North Korea or some other authoritarian country. Do RU footballers really refer to their "uniform"?


In American English, "uniform" is always the term used for sports teams. I see from comments here that that is not the term used in UK English.


surely this should be .. "and here is our team kit" rather than "here is our uniform"

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