"Ja piję mleko."

Translation:I am drinking milk.

December 12, 2015

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I really with they would go over the differences in pronunciation with the letters like ę... I can't seem to wrap my head around how to differentiate them clearly.


I kinda would put it this way: ą = American pronounciation of 'own' minus the n, kind of like what 'oh' sounds like, but still not quite. ę = eh-wn trying to emulate the 'own' pronounciation, again, this ideas with an American pronounciation.

That's the best way I can put it for you.


Also like the nasalized French "bon," if you're familiar with it.


Yes, French language is very useful to explain pronounciation of "ą" and "ę". "Ę" sounds like French "im" or "in" (e.g. imparfait, intelligemment). But not exactly.


Why piję and not pije?? can somebody explain this to me pls?!?

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The course is still missing grammar notes.

Polish verb are categorised in several declensions (depending on the source you can see any number from just 3 to over 50). Anyway, this is an example of the -e declension, which goes like this:

ja ––ę
ty ––esz
on ––e
my ––emy
wy ––ecie
oni ––ą


You were really helpful!! dziękuję bardzo


Because ę is a Polish sign and I know it because I am from Poland and I am doing this course to learn English because I moved to England and in Poland English is completely different than in England


Weldone Soy. I am working on my polish too. I have never been to Poland. Hope to go there soon


Im working on polish aswell because it seems like a very cool language,and bc my bsf is polish her mom saod to download duolingo bc that wya i can talk to them in theor language and that way her lil sister wiĺl understand me more


Ja piję mleko is nice


Why "Piję mleko" is incorrect? Przecież to znaczy to samo co "ja piję mleko" :/


"Piję mleko" is accepted when translating from English, it should have worked. The only situation in which it wouldn't work is the listening exercise, when you have to write down exactly what was said, not 'another correct sentence that says the same'.


I think its because it comes after the possessive. Ie I AM drinking where pigs were dinking may just be Pije without the ę (only guessing at this but it appears that way)


"pigs" are plural, so "piją".

Basically "Piję mleko" is the best way to say "I am drinking milk". Putting the subject pronoun explicitly (Ja piję mleko) gives an emphasis on "I", as if it was some contrast, e.g. "You are drinking water, I am drinking milk".


what is the difference between "Ja piję mleko" and "piję mleko"?


Piję mleko is neutral like "I drink/am drinking milk"

Ja piję mleko - here the subject is emphasized as in "It is I/me who drinks/is drinking milk"


No difference apart from time it takes For a Pole to say the first one it take 1.5327 seconds for the other it take 1.12376 seconds

Big difference that could save years of your life


My jemy one jedzą on je ja jem wy jecie ty jesz


Correct, although there was nothing about eating in this sentence ;)


Why there should not be article "a"


"milk" is uncountable, "a milk" doesn't make much sense.


What is the difference between piję and pije


"piję" means "I [drink/am drinking"

"pije" means "[he/she/it] [drinks/is drinking]"


You confirmed what I guessed at. Cheers.

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