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Grammar exercises

Hello! Some time ago I created a few grammar exercises for my mum, who teaches Polish in a primary school. I think you could also make use of it, so here's a link: http://czescimowy.tk/

Currently it consists of three tasks. In the first one you must recognize parts of speech and drag-and-drop them into the correct boxes.

In the second you're supposed to find nouns from all the sentences presented. Drag a word and drop it on the "upuść rzeczownik" box (drop a noun). Then drop the correct case, number and gender onto the boxes that appear next to the word.

The last task is similar to the second one, except that you work with verbs and don't have to find them in the sentences. For the given verbs, identify their person, number, tense and gender.

If you have any problems, suggestions or think that something is wrong, please comment.

And now, here's a little dictionary of grammar-related terms:

Części mowy - parts of speech

  • rzeczownik - noun
  • czasownik - verb
  • przymiotnik - adjective
  • przysłówek - adverb
  • przyimek - preposition

But there are more:

  • zaimek - pronoun
  • liczebnik - numeral
  • spójnik - conjunction
  • partykuła - particle
  • wykrzyknik - interjection

Przypadek - case

  • mianownik - nominative
  • dopełniacz - genitive
  • celownik - dative
  • biernik - accusative
  • narzędnik - instrumental
  • miejscownik - localitive
  • wołacz - vocative

Liczba - number

  • pojedyncza (poj.) - singular
  • mnoga (mn.) - plural

Rodzaj - gender

  • męski - masculine
  • żeński - feminine
  • nijaki - neuter
  • męskoosobowy - masculine-personal (used with groups of men)
  • niemęskoosobowy - non-masculine-personal (used with mixed groups or groups of things)
  • brak - none

Note that singular nouns can only take one of the three first genders. Also, verbs in the present tense have no gender - you can't tell if "pisze" (writes) refers to him, her or it.

Osoba - person

1st, 2nd, 3rd - they correspond to their English counterparts

Czas - tense

  • przeszły - past
  • teraźniejszy - present
  • przyszły - future
December 12, 2015


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