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"Hun ville ha svart, om du bare spurte."

Translation:She would have responded, if you just asked.

December 12, 2015



Is this sentence meant to refer to a past event? If so, "had asked" is the only alternative here as "asked" refers to present. Also if it's supposed to refer to a present event, "would respond" is correct.


Totally agree, this one seemed weird to me.

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'had asked' is accepted. 'hadde spurt' would probably be more common in Norwegian as well, as it refers to a hypothetical past event.


"had asked" is correct. It should be, and is, accepted.

"asked" is definitely incorrect English though - perhaps you should change the Norwegian sentence to avoid confusion for non-native English speakers.


There is an error in the audio on this one, "svart" pronounced the way it is here means black, while with a long a, "svaart", means "answered."

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