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"Hun ville ha svart, om du bare spurte."

Translation:She would have responded, if you just asked.

December 12, 2015



Is this sentence meant to refer to a past event? If so, "had asked" is the only alternative here as "asked" refers to present. Also if it's supposed to refer to a present event, "would respond" is correct.


'had asked' is accepted. 'hadde spurt' would probably be more common in Norwegian as well, as it refers to a hypothetical past event.


"had asked" is correct. It should be, and is, accepted.

"asked" is definitely incorrect English though - perhaps you should change the Norwegian sentence to avoid confusion for non-native English speakers.


Totally agree, this one seemed weird to me.


There is an error in the audio on this one, "svart" pronounced the way it is here means black, while with a long a, "svaart", means "answered."

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