"Моя сестра уже здорова."

Translation:My sister is already well.

December 12, 2015

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But this sentence is really unnatural. I can't think how one could modify a state like health or goodness with an adverb of time like already unless some change is indicated by a different verb or another adverb such as "again." To convey the meaning of this sentence we would have to say something like "is already healthy again" or "has recovered already."


Well, think about this case: - You should eat more vegetables to become healthier. - I'm already healthy.


True, that would work. But is that what the sentence is intended to mean, or does it mean "My sister is well already," i.e. cured?


Thanks. I have changed the main translation.

Здоров only means a state currently observed, the opposite of "ill", which means some of these sentences will sound odd in English.


So maybe another possible meaning of sentence in English could be ' my sister is feeling better already ' ??.


But that implies she's still sick.


Not necessarily, no. "I'm better," colloquially implies that you have gotten over an illness.


"I'm feeling better" can be ambiguous without an extra qualifier - all better vs a little better or a lot better, all of which land at different spots on the progression of healing. But without any qualifier or tone of voice to add nuance, "I'm/he's/she's better" on it's own will generally be understood to mean full recovery.


Fully? Oh, ok. I'll keep it in mind.


If I were wanted to indicate my sister had already recovered from an illness, I think I would most likely say simply, "My sister is already better / better already." Seem ok as a translation? The "better" implies the prior illness.


In idiomatic English, certainly, it sure seems like this is the best translation, unless I'm missing something about the Russian. If not, does anyone have different Russian that would mean "My sister is already better"? I'm guessing "лучше" doesn't work for phrases like "get better soon" that clearly only refer to health!


You can use Моей сестре уже лучше. It means a different thing, though: we say someone is "лучше" both for people who are back to normal and for people who are still ill but are feeling better than previously.

Getting better is easily translated as выздоравливать or поправляться.

I, however, have my doubts whether a learner would easily come up with either of these two given the English phrase with "better" (we do not even teach them anywhere).


"My sister is already well" This is really not a sentence which any native speaker would ever utter, despite some attempts btl to find contexts for it. "My sister is already batter/has already got better" is what I think is meant by the Russian phrase


How about "My sister already recovered" ?


The meaning of the same, but it is written "моя сестра уже выздоровела"


"My sister has already recovered" or "My sister is already better"

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