"I have a workout in the morning."

Translation:У мене є тренування уранці.

December 12, 2015

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Please add another translation "У мене тренування вранці"


Oh yeah, that would sound more naturally.


I understand the "У мене є тренування вранці" translation, but what's going on in the "У мене тренування зрання" translation?

The linking verb "є" has disappeared, and there's this word "зрання," which Google Translate gives as "snatch," and my Ukrainian-English dictionary gives as "betimes." Checking an English dictionary, I see that "betimes" means "early."


"Зрання" is the same as "уранці", "вранці", "зранку", "з самого ранку", etc., with no difference in meaning.


Thank you. Can you tell me why the linking verb "є" disappeared?


I think, because of it's not necessary to use є (have) here. It's totally understandable without є, because we use "у мене", so we just skip that.

p.s. but be aware of the next, if you say Я маю тренування вранці, you cannot say Я тренування вранці.


Can we omit the "є" in "У мене є тренування вранці"?


Of course yes. "У мене" is the "я маю", so "у мене є" sounds like "I do have" in English. If you want to emphasize "have" (є/маю), you may say "У мене Є тренування вранці". But in regular conversation, yes, you can omit that.

Sorry for my poor explanation, it's just from my point of view.

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