"Vi har visse hensyn å ta."

Translation:We have certain considerations to take into account.

December 12, 2015



surely we take considerations into account? We dont just TAKE them. ?

December 15, 2015


What does this mean?

December 12, 2015


Consideration (n) - a fact or a motive taken into account in deciding or judging something. "the idea was motivated by political considerations"

December 12, 2015


"Take" is the wrong word. This needs fixing. It has been like this for a long time.

July 4, 2017


Is this like the French "décisions à prendre" where it means "decisions to 'make'" rather than the literally-translated "decisions to 'take'"?

December 2, 2017


Yeah I'd never say this as a native brit englisher

There are certain considerations to take into account We have to consider certain things

Maybe we have certain considerations, but it kind of dangles

August 3, 2018


In the US we say, "We have certain things to take into consideration/account."

March 11, 2018


A literal translation in this instance will, as shown above, result in gibberish. The essence of the Norwegian sentence is along the following lines, " We have to consider certain things/ matters."

August 11, 2018
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