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"The United States of America"

Translation:Amerikas forente stater

December 12, 2015



What about "De forente stater av Amerika" ?


Grammatically it would've been "De forente statene til Amerika", but that is not used anywhere.

Either 'Amerikas forente stater'(the official name), 'De forente stater'(the dated/old-fashioned name), or 'USA'(the colloquial name).


Would 'USA' be pronounced with Norwegian letter pronunciations, or English?


Why aren't Sambandsstatene allowed? That's a Norwegian name for the USA. "Samband" means "union" and "stat" means "state". It's in plural definite, and therfor the -ene ending. It really just means The united states. I know that for sure because I'm from Norway. Please add Sambandsstatene as a correct answear.


It would in that case be "De amerikanske sambandsstatene", since it is specified that the states are American.

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