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  5. "Baklava yapmak çok zor mu?"

"Baklava yapmak çok zor mu?"

Translation:Is it very hard to make baklava?

December 12, 2015



I don't want to clutter these boards, but would you use "baklava yapmayi çok zor mu " to say "Is making baklava is very hard?


no it would be this same sentence:

Is making baklava very hard? = Baklava yapmak çok zor mu?

baklava yapmak = to make baklava = making baklava

baklava yapmayı is the accusative form of baklava yapmak you can only use it when it's an object, but in your examples it's a subject so you cannot use that form.


Makes sense. Thanks!


I got it wrong the second time because I did not hear the 'mu' at the end

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