"Ty dotykasz mojego ciasteczka."

Translation:You are touching my cookie.

December 12, 2015

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    Nobody touches my cookie...... >:v


    Lingot for you! hahahahah!


    Followed by some sort of lawsuit?


    I don't believe there's any kind of... sexual allusion in the Polish sentence. Nothing I'm aware of. To me it's just a weird sentence about a literal cookie.


    Hi Jellei. In the US, cookie is a no longer used slang word for girl or girlfriend, usually (in my experience) heard in old gangster movies from the 1930s and 40s. "She's a good lookin' cookie". It is also an occasionally used name for a pet.


    I can't tell if this is a joke about suing someone for touching their chocolate chip cookie or a serious comment about assault. English, why?


    Is "dotykać" always followed by the genitive/ dopełniacz?


    Bit late to the party, but for anyone else; this does not seem to be the case:


    In particular: "dotykać" + acc means "to touch" as in emotionally.


    What's the difference between mojego and mój or moja


    You're touching my cookie. Don't.


    Famous last words...


    Dotykasz mojego ciasteczka is correct too


    Jest bardziej naturalne - zgadzam się.


    It's the appropriate grammatical form here.

    "ciasteczko" is a neuter noun and "dotykać" takes a direct object in Genitive (not Accusative, like most verbs that take an object). Genitive singular of "ciasteczko" is "ciasteczka" and the Genitive singular form of "mój" that matches it is "mojego".




    Ty dotykasz mojego tralala


    There musn't be "Ty"


    It's very redundant and sounds as if you were contrasting "you" and someone else, but it isn't wrong.


    I've been told that mojego is only used when describing something that is a part of you e.g. a limb, or hair etc, something physically attached to you. This is from 2 Polish natives.


    So why didn't those two natives offer a correct alternative for this sentence?


    They did. They said to use moja.


    Sorry, but in that case they couldn't have been native speakers.

    Take a look at this table:


    The gender of 'moja' is feminine and the grammatical case is nominative/vocative. Neither of which fits here because the adjective has to match the gender and case of the noun (ciasteczka) which is neuter genitive. So the only correct option is 'mojego'.

    And there is no such rule that certain possessive pronouns are used only if the object is physically attached to you.

    Also, here are some corpus results:

    dotykać + moja - 0 hits
    dotykać + mojego - 31 hits


    One is my partner, and the other my Polish teacher. They are Polish. They both explained mojego as something attached to you, which of course, a cookie is not. I'm not looking for an argument, only commenting something I have been told.


    Maybe you misundertood something? Maybe it was about a different sentence? Please try to talk with them again. Show them the dictionary.

    1. mojego does not only mean being a part of my body. It is a simple possesive adjective (or pronoun) for a masculin or neuter noun in the genitive case. Just like my or mine in English. Therefore, you can use mojego about any of your possessions as well or about things given to you/designated to be yours, like ciasteczko/posiłek/piórnik/plecak. So not only these sentences are correct:
      Nie dotykaj mojego nosa. = Do not touch my nose.
      Nie dotykaj mojego ramienia = Do not touch my arm.
      but also any of these options (and many more):
      Nie dotykaj mojego ciasteczka/posiłku/piórnika/plecaka_ = Do not touch my cookie/meal/pencil box/backpack.

    2. On the other hand, moja is the nominative or vocative case of the possessive feminine adjective and must not be used after a negated verb requiring the genitive case. If the object were feminine, you would have used mojej instead:

    Nie dotykaj mojej ręki/twarzy/zupy/herbaty/sałatki/gitary = Do not touch my hand/face/soup/tea/salad/guitar.

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