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  5. "Biorę to!"

"Biorę to!"

Translation:I am taking it!

December 12, 2015



for the first time i got this spelling correct on the first try! woo me!!!!


smells car freshener violently


I wish I knew how to give lingots on mobile, lmao! Edit: figured it out, enjoy my guy


Why is "I'm taking this!" not acceptable?


I fixed it. Please use the "report a problem" feature in the future!


Should be accepted.


how would you give the command "take this"


Is "I'll take it" also acceptable? Or is "I'll/I will" not right for this grammar?


the sentence is in present. In future you would say "wezmę" or "będę brał".


or the command 'take it'


Take this= Weź to/ Bierz to

Weź, bierz (wziąć, brać) are different ascpect (have it taken vs be taking it)

but if you refer to this (skirt, jacket, etc) its weź tego/tę/to depending n the gender of noun

The same is with take it weź ją(feminine)/go(masculine/je(neuter, also plural nmp)

Edit. those are for literal meaning of take it. For figurative I don't know.


Can this be used in, for example, a restaurant/bar/etc? As in "I['ll] take a beer"?


I think "wezmę"="I will take" would work much better.


OK, thanks. So this is from ‎(perfective) "wziąć" instead of from (impf) "brać" as noted above.


Is "i get it" right for this?


Wouldn't it make more sense to have "Ja biorę to!" in this case? Initially I thought it was "Take that!" What would "Take that!" be? Seems there are a bunch of ways to say it but I am looking for a particular case where if you beat someone and yell take that! at them. Would "Weź tego!" work?


"Ja" is redundant, and if I really were to use it, then I would reverse the word order to "Ja to biorę!" - although "Ja biorę to!" is accepted here as well. I think "Ja biorę to!" puts more emphasis on what exactly you are taking.

"Weź tego" would only make sense as a beginning of "Take this..." sentence, where "this" is a masculine animate noun.

I'm not sure if I should teach you things used when beating someone :D But I think I would use "A masz!" - it makes rather idiomatic than literal sense and suits the context.


Haha I meant beating someone as in beating them in mario party or some other game, my bad.

Your explanation of "Weź tego" helps, I can remember being told that when moving stuff but with "i tego" added many times.

I don't recall hearing someone use "A masz!" (I haven't heard or listened to much though) I'll have to double check with my family and see what they think, thanks!


Oh, so I guess it says something about me if I immediately interpreted it as violence... :D


Announced when running out of posh boutique


Can anyone tell me which lesson this is introduced in..? I just got this in generic practice and don't remember "learning" it..!


Hi, this is in Present 3 :-)


Weż tego is for masc inanimate nouns.? Is that not a genitive then?


I wonder if that might have been an error (three years ago); for masc inam, accusative looks like nominative; for masc anim, accusative looks like genitive.

Fixed now....


When would you say this?


When I am taking something. I had cause to use it once when I was being offered a choice of things to take. "Biorę to, ale nie biorę tego", pointing at two objects on a table with the "to" and the "tego".

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