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  5. "Biorę to!"

"Biorę to!"

Translation:I am taking it!

December 12, 2015



for the first time i got this spelling correct on the first try! woo me!!!!


Mine was totally incorrect but accepted. I guessed right only the first letter of the verb. But one learns by mistakes only, as they say.


But... what was your answer? I can understand that a typo is accepted, but you sound like your answer should have been completely rejected...


Thanks for answering, it was a just blunder, never mind.


smells car freshener violently


I wish I knew how to give lingots on mobile, lmao! Edit: figured it out, enjoy my guy


Wait how do you give Lingots on mobile?


how would you give the command "take this"


"Bierz to" or "weź to."


Why is "I'm taking this!" not acceptable?


I fixed it. Please use the "report a problem" feature in the future!


Should be accepted.


Can this be used in, for example, a restaurant/bar/etc? As in "I['ll] take a beer"?


I think "wezmę"="I will take" would work much better.


OK, thanks. So this is from ‎(perfective) "wziąć" instead of from (impf) "brać" as noted above.


Is "I'll take it" also acceptable? Or is "I'll/I will" not right for this grammar?


the sentence is in present. In future you would say "wezmę" or "będę brał".


or the command 'take it'


Take this= Weź to/ Bierz to

Weź, bierz (wziąć, brać) are different ascpect (have it taken vs be taking it)

but if you refer to this (skirt, jacket, etc) its weź tego/tę/to depending n the gender of noun

The same is with take it weź ją(feminine)/go(masculine/je(neuter, also plural nmp)

Edit. those are for literal meaning of take it. For figurative I don't know.


Is "i get it" right for this?


Wouldn't it make more sense to have "Ja biorę to!" in this case? Initially I thought it was "Take that!" What would "Take that!" be? Seems there are a bunch of ways to say it but I am looking for a particular case where if you beat someone and yell take that! at them. Would "Weź tego!" work?


"Ja" is redundant, and if I really were to use it, then I would reverse the word order to "Ja to biorę!" - although "Ja biorę to!" is accepted here as well. I think "Ja biorę to!" puts more emphasis on what exactly you are taking.

"Weź tego" would only make sense as a beginning of "Take this..." sentence, where "this" is a masculine animate noun.

I'm not sure if I should teach you things used when beating someone :D But I think I would use "A masz!" - it makes rather idiomatic than literal sense and suits the context.


Haha I meant beating someone as in beating them in mario party or some other game, my bad.

Your explanation of "Weź tego" helps, I can remember being told that when moving stuff but with "i tego" added many times.

I don't recall hearing someone use "A masz!" (I haven't heard or listened to much though) I'll have to double check with my family and see what they think, thanks!


Oh, so I guess it says something about me if I immediately interpreted it as violence... :D


Announced when running out of posh boutique

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