"Jem kanapkę."

Translation:I am eating a sandwich.

December 12, 2015

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When you are given 2 or more options, "a" can be easily omitted. I'm eating sandwich or I eat sandwich, should have been correct.


No, that would not be correct in English. Countable singular nouns need articles. It must be a sandwich or the sandwich.


Would "I'm having a sandwich" work here, too?


I fixed it. Please use the "report a problem" feature in the future!


Thanks! I didn't know whether it would be acceptable.

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It should. If it wasn't accepted, you shoudl report it.


How does "ę" pronunciation work? I've seen that when a word ends with it, the letter sounds much more like an "e" than an "en". Is this correct?


when it's at the end it's a normal e, in olden polish then used to nasalise it, but they don't anymore :)


Does that apply to "a"s as well?


no, you pronounce ą as nasalised, like in, ona jest kobietą or jestem mężczyzną


Why is "I am eating a sandwich." wrong?


It's a perfect answer, of course it should have worked.


Why is it Jem kanapke and not Jem kanapka


Grammar. Cases. "kanapka" is the basic, Nominative case, used mostly for the subject of the sentence. "kanapkę" is Accusative, used for the direct object of the sentence, which is what we have here.

English almost got rid of the case system, but you can still see a difference between those two when comparing "He is a boy" and "I see him". "him" is like Polish Accusative here.


I eat a sandwich sounds very broken English to me "me like like food, me eat sandwich" its "I am eating a sandwich" or "i am going to eat a sandwich"


It's a shared sandwi... sentence with the "English for Polish speakers" course, which introduces Present Continuous quite late. We can't easily change the main English answer to "I am eating", unfortunately.


"kanapkę" i don't know if i'm having problems listening to this word but it sounds like Kanapka instead of kanapkę to me. I have played the audio over and over again and i swear it sounds like kanapka instead of kanapkę to me. I mean, it is supposed to sound like a normal "e" isn't it? Did i get it right?


Sorry, but I've listened to it like 5 times and I hear a /e/ at the end.


kanapkę means "a sandwhich" and kanapka means "the sandwhich", is that correct?


Not at all. There are no articles in Polish, definiteness is derived solely from context.

Kanapka is the nominative form, used for the subject of the sentence, and kanapkę is the accusative form, used for the object of the sentence and after certain prepositions.


Jem kanapka is an option when given no translation, right? When I only have 'Jem' and got to choose out of kanapka or kanapkę.


I'm not sure if I understand your question, but "Jem kanapka" is not a grammatically correct sentence.


I am eating a sandwich not accepted! Which suppose too as the platform showed lile that before!!!


As it's definitely a perfectly correct answer, we need a screenshot to figure out what happened.

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