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  5. "Jesz ciasteczka."

"Jesz ciasteczka."

Translation:You are eating cookies.

December 12, 2015



Can it be imperative? Eat cookies!


No, imperative has it's own form as well. It usually consists of dropping the ending of the verb. "Drink milk" "Pij mleko". I think "eat cookies" is "jej ciasteczka".


Correction: I looked it up on Wiktionary. Second person singular imperative of jeść is "Jedz."

Eat the cookies. Jedz ciasteczka (or ciastka).


2nd person singular imperative is jedz ciasteczka. There are also imperative forms for the rest: singular 1st niech jem; 2nd jedz; 3rd niech je; plural 1st jedzmy; 2nd jedzcie; 3rd niech jedzą.


How do you distinguish between singular and plural in Polish? What makes this You eat cookies and not you eat a cookie?


There is no hard and fast rule. It's all about the endings on the noun. Because of the a it means it plural but the endings differ on whether or not it is masculine, feminine, or neuter and which case it is in. Here's an example where the relevant one is the neuter noun declination. The base form is Ciasteczko and it is plural in the accusative case: https://en.wikibooks.org/wiki/Polish/Masculine_noun_declension https://en.wikibooks.org/wiki/Polish/Feminine_noun_declension https://en.wikibooks.org/wiki/Polish/Neuter_noun_declension


cookie is ciasteczko. Wiktionary is very helpful.


ciasteczka doesn't have an ogonek at the end. Does the noun that one is "eating" not get changed to instrumental, or is this just with "ciastecka" specifically?


It changes to instrumental when you are renaming something. For example "I am a cookie" "Jestem ciasteczkiem". Here you are actually in accusative case. "Ciasteczko" is a neuter word and in accusative case it stays the same.


what is ogonek?..


The little hook on the Ę and Ą


What's the difference between 'jesz' and 'jecie'?


Jesz means "you eat" or "you're eating" when you're talking to one person.

Jecie means "you eat" or "you're eating" when you're talking to more than one person.


I guess it's singular and plural.


I put you are eating cookies and it marked it as wrong and gave me the same as I wrote for the corrected answer!!


If you are sure your answer was correct and didn't have any typos, then we'd need a screenshot to investigate what happened.

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