"Which century do we have?"

Translation:Który mamy wiek?

December 12, 2015

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This sentence is extremely weird. The only possible opportunity that you would have to say it would be if you were taking a class and had to do a group project about a given century in time. Then you may ask which century your group has been assigned to.

If we are asking about which century it currently is, then you would ask "Which century are we in?" or "what century is it?"


Thanks for your feedback. I fixed the exercise to make it less awkward in English.


Which century do we have? You cannot say this in English.


This sentence has now been removed.


In Polish it used in both situations you wrote about. :) But I suppose the team thought about the second one, so: have you reported it?


The sentence may be a quide to the translation required but is not good English


Yeah... I guess this sentence needs to be removed as problematic.

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