"Wiosna, lato, jesień, zima"

Translation:Spring, summer, autumn, winter

December 12, 2015

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In Lato you drink a lot of Lakto. In Zima you stay in your Zimmer.

I can't think anything about the others. Help? xD


Private house or a room that you rent, from German word for a room. A hostel-like thing.


I do not know any word to help you, all that come to my mind are Polish, but I think this song may help a bit https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=q80BAs4QjQQ

chorus is spring, oh it is you, summer how can you ? , autumn why is this?,


What is Lakto?


Probably the author thought of „milk” in Esperanto, it has a lot of cognates in other languages like lactose.


Jesień to fall, ale też autumn. Dziwie się że uważają to tutaj za błąd


We usually accept both, but with this one autumn slipped away. I fixed it. Please use the "report a problem" feature in the future.


"Fall" is American, "autumn" British.


Not quite - "Autumn" is still used fairly often in the USA, but I don't think you'll hear "fall" in the UK anymore.


I very rarely hear "Autumn," unless it is something.. artistic? When you make it sound nicer, I guess? I always notice when someone says it.


What is Australian? :P


All the seasons of the year are supposed to be capitalized in English, as are the months.


Aha! Yes, thanks! I should have known better. After teaching English as a second language for 6 years, bad student spelling and over-generalizing rules has messed me up. It also didn't help that I was doing my Polish lesson at 1 AM with 2 glasses of wine down the hatch already.


I can easily see myself capitalizing them without a thought as well, seems that it's common.


Why does zima sounds like żima?


Well I cannot check the sound right now, but it sure should not. Zi = Ź (palatalized Z) and not Ż (ZH in English).


Oh ok, I mean I was certain it did not sound like a normal "z". If it's sounds like either ż or ź, unfortunately I cannot hear the difference. I have trouble with these sounds, as I cannot tell the difference between ш and щ in Russian no matter how hard I try.


I'm afraid I'm bad at explaining phonetics :/ But this website is quite useful. As far as I remember, the 'ch' sound is pronounced in a weird way, it should be just like normal 'h'. And the rest shall be fine. Section two has some comparisons, that can be useful.

Also given the fact that you learned quite a lot of Russian, it's good to note that 'zima' is indeed pronounced differently there.


Yeah yeah I noticed that, in Russian зима has a "normal" "z" and in polish zima has the weird ź I wish I could pronounce. Thanks!

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