"Zaraz zadzwonię do mojego szefa."

Translation:I will call my boss in a moment.

December 12, 2015

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What about I will soon call my boss?


Could it also be "Now I will call my boss"? Seems to my english ear to be the most likely translation but was marked wrong. It is the immediate future but entirely possible formulation in english.


Eh, "zaraz" is hard to translate... ok, added.


Why was what wrong? Our moderation team members have many talents, but being psychic is not one of them.


it`s better using "at once' and "immediately"


Not really better. I understand that Russian сейчас can refer to both right now and in a moment, but in Polish there is a clear distinction between zaraz and teraz. In this sentence, natychmiast or od razu would convey the meaning of at once and immediately.




Wiktionary seems to show that the closest word to сразу in a sentence like this one would be "natychmiast". I guess they may overlap, but "natychmiast" is definitely stronger. "zaraz" can easily be even a few minutes.


Why is 'I'll' marked as wrong? It is more natural when speaking to use the contraction. I have used contractions in other exercises and wasn't penalised for it. So why on this occasion?


Such contractions are accepted automatically, we don't even have to remember about listing them separately. Most likely, there was some other mistake in your answer (often just a typo) and then the correction is not necessarily the closest correct answer to what you wrote.

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