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  5. "We raise a boy."

"We raise a boy."

Translation:My wychowujemy chłopca.

December 12, 2015



What's the infinitive of wychowujemy? wychowujeć?


wychowywać (durative)/wychować (perfective)

Wychowujemy is the first one. The second one would be wychowaliśmy and it would be used only as the past or future (wychowamy) tense, not present.


I wrote 'chłopaka' but it should be chłopca. Why exactly?


Because "chłopak" is weird word, it translates to boy, but normal word for boy is "chłopiec", chłopak is the cool word for cool boys, guys? who do not want to be called chłopiec anymore. or for boyfriend. And a parent does not say I raise guy, they say i raise boy.


Is the declension of chłopiec similar to that of pies? I've noticed that the accusative case for pies is psa, similar to how the accusative seems to be chłopca for chłopiec.


If one considers all the cases than not quite. Please compare:

Also the dog is considered to be masculine animated and as such Acc Plural = Nominative Plural, whereas chłopiec is masculine personal as Acc Plural = Genitive Plural.


Why is the personal pronoun "My" needed here? I typed "wychowujemy chłopca" but it was counted wrong. The answer should be: "My wychowujemy chłopca."

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